1. Heaven or Hell

From the recording Heaven or Hell

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We like to call this the Indiana Jones song because of it's lyrical imagery.


ASCAP/Bowl of Soul Publishing
 VERSE:     The air is wet the grass is high
                  Temple walls climb to the sky
                  Blue monsoons bring on the rain
                  Temple goddess in my brain
                  Silhouettes dance against full moon
                  Jungle drums pound out those tunes
                  The way she moves tears at my soul
                  Think I’m losing control
 CHORUS:  As we dance round and round
                   Yet my feet never touch the ground
                   As we kiss explodes the sky
                   And that’s when diamonds fall from
                   Diamonds fall from your eyes
 VERSE:     One and one just don’t make two
                   When my one and one’s without you   
                   The spell you weave so true so well
                   Is this Heaven or Hell
 CHORUS:  Repeat