Stop the Hunger 

2nd Chance Kid's first video: "Cut It Loose" is now on youtube   (It's about dysfunctional parenting)

2nd Chance Kid's New Fans 

THANKS: NEW FANS from: United States, Armenia, Taiwan, Albania, Iraq, Romania, Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, India, Guatemala, India, Thailand, Germany, Mexico, Israel, Singapore, Fiji, Philippines, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Canada, Norway, Puerto Rico, Japan, Indonesia, Belize, Vietnam, Pakistan, Korea, Argentina, Honduras, Egypt. Trinidad and Tobago, Algeria, Brazil, Sweden, El Salvador, Belarus,Turkey, Bermuda, Qatar, Chile,

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THANKS: NEW FANS from Trinidad, Tobago, Vietnam, Egypt, Thailand, Honduras, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, India, Puerto Rico, Australia, Israel, Venezuela, Colombia, United States and so many multiple hits/FANS from these and so many other countries. YOU validate what we do! 

ALOHA to all our fans worldwide. We are HUMBLY YOURS! 

ALOHA to all our fans worldwide: Philippines, Mexico, Israel, Colombia, Canada, India, USA, Indonesia, Venezuela, Egypt, Ireland, Turkey, Sweden, Singapore, Chile, Qatar, England, Honduras, Bermuda, and Kuwait.