From the recording Revolution Everywhere

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This song laments the rip-off of the Third World by the rich and shameless.


ASCAP/Bowl of Soul Publishing  
VERSE:     Every man must see, I’m talking to those
                  Those in those developed countries 
                  Our Third World gives, you take, you ask for more
                   Just a matter of time and we’ll be
                   Knockin’ down your doors
 CHORUS:  For in this day and age
                   It’s truly time to turn the page
VERSE:      Everyday I see, less and less of natures, nature’s legacy 
                   I meet so many people, ooh so angry and mad
                   I think some day soon
                   They’re gonna make the rich and shameless sad
 CHORUS:  For in this day and age
                   The greedy aren’t ashamed
                   They shun their greatest fear
                   Of revolution everywhere
 CHORUS:  For in this day and age
                    It’s time to turn the page
                    The fuse is lit I hear
                    For revolution everywhere