1. Shotdown

From the recording Shotdown

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As our personal freedom(s) slowly erode this song is dedicated to FREE MEN everywhere who fight the evils of oppression in any way, shape, or form.


ASCAP/Bowl of Soul Publishing        
VERSE:     Thank the Lord for people who ask questions
                  A courage that is hard to find today
                  When New World Order is the puppet master 
                  Freemen fight those who wish to enslave
 CHORUS:  Prepare to be shot down
                   They’re gonna get you anyway
                   Prepare to be shot down
 VERSE:     Everybody’s looking for solutions
                   Our paychecks don’t go very far today
                   Questions seem to far outweigh the answers
                   Truth in prophecy will lead the way
  CHORUS:  Repeat
 BRIDGE:    Refuse to be shot down (2X)