From the recording So Far From Samar

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A love song where a first world boy meets a third world girl and it's totally groovy.


ASCAP/Bowl of Soul Publishing
VERSE:     Two weeks ago I was far away
                  On a distant island where my life changed
                  Velvet skies, soft moonlight in your hair 
                  Ooh how I wish that I was there
 CHORUS:  I really want to be with you now
                   Can’t you hear me now I’m crying out loud
 VERSE:     Mountains in green the China Sea is so blue
                   I left my heart and part of me inside of you
                   I shall return but can’t say when
                   Ooh you’ll be in my arms again 
 CHORUS:  Repeat
 Bridge:      So far from Samar I can’t live my life without you
                    So far from Samar I’ll swim ‘cross this ocean to you
 Chorus:     Repeat
 Bridge:      So far from Samar no typhoon can keep me from you
                    So far from Samar I anticipate life with you
                    My world is shaking, my mind’s heart is breaking it’s true
                    So far from Samar and you
                    I’m so far from Samar and you
                    I’m so far……………. from Samar and you